CBD for Autumn Season Skin Care

Lisa Rennie
Written by Lisa Rennie

The sizzling temperatures are finally starting to die down, and the sun’s rays don’t feel as hot any longer. The fall season is upon us, and as the leaves start to change color, so does our typical skincare routine. And CBD’s addition to the skincare world is certainly exploding.

CBD’s benefits have already been heard ’round the world. With so much attention on cannabidiol and all the potential facets of life that it can benefit, it’s no wonder that CBD is now showing up in all things skincare. From sunblocks, to moisturizers, to acne creams and beyond, CBD’s place in the world of skincare is well-established.

Many are already familiar with CBD’s ability to alleviate pain, calm anxiety, and slash the number and severity of epilepsy-related seizures. And thanks to continued relaxation of regulations surrounding cannabis and its derivatives, researchers continue to find new benefits of CBD, including its role in promoting healthier skin.

That’s why CBD products have been flooding the beauty market over the recent past, with more and more CBD skincare brands springing up. In fact, even big-name brands are getting in on the game.

CBD skincare products can offer consumers a more natural alternative to the synthetic products that are widely used. The cannabinoid has become so popular in the world of cosmetics and skincare that is it completely transforming the beauty industry.

Thanks to CBD’s anti-inflammatory [1] and anti-fungal properties, the cannabinoid may help to tame skin issues such as dermatitis or inflammatory acne. And thanks to its ability to slow the production of sebum [2]—a waxy, oily substance that can build up on the skin—pores can be kept clear of excess oils and bacteria, thereby helping to cut down on acne breakouts.

It’s these particular properties that have cosmetic companies adding CBD-infused skincare products to their lineups and marketing them to the masses who are looking for something new and natural to help them achieve the type of healthy, youthful-looking skin that they strive for. And thanks to CBD’s ability to reduce pain, [3] it can also alleviate any discomfort felt as a result of inflamed, itchy skin or acne breakouts.

Even those who do not necessarily have an issue with their skin can stand to benefit from the use of CBD-infused skincare products. CBD has been shown to be high in vitamins A, B, D, E, and antioxidants, which are great for the skin’s complexion. [4]

Anyone looking to change up their skincare routine this autumn season and add something new to their arsenal of products may want to include any one of the plethora of CBD-infused skincare products that are now widely available on store shelves and online.



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