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Asia Mayfield
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Fido is in pain. Cats and dogs experience many of the same aches and pains that afflict humans. However, when your pet can’t come up with a treatment plan, it’s up to you.

Pet owners are turning to CBD salves. These cannabinoid-infused creams are being used to soothe pain and alleviate anxiety. A study conducted by researchers at Cornell found that CBD was an effective arthritis treatment for dogs.

“Almost anything that cannabis would be used for in a human, from a medical standpoint, has the potential to be equally as valuable in dogs or cats,”  veterinarian Dr. Gary Richter said. “Pain, inflammation, arthritis, gastro-intestinal related things, stress, anxiety, seizures, cancer, you name it. We’ve seen the benefits in all of these areas.”

More Research

There haven’t been enough studies looking at pets and CBD for science to have a definitive answer about its benefits. The surging public interest in medicinal cannabis is driving new research. 10 years ago, finding a CBD product specifically created for pets would have been close to impossible. Now? A quick Google search brings up hundreds of results.

Until the science catches up, pet owners need to explore CBD on their own. Veterinarians are restricted in what they can do.

According to the California Veterinary Medical Board: “There is nothing in California law that would allow a veterinarian to prescribe, recommend, or approve marijuana for treating animals. Veterinarians are in violation of California law if they are incorporating cannabis into their practices.”


Pets can ingest CBD in multiple ways. You can buy infused treats, creams, etc. CBD salves are especially popular. You don’t have to worry about a finicky pet’s taste. Rubbing the cream onto their skin can feel calming for both of you.

Buying CBD for your pet presents the same challenges as buying it for yourself. The online market is almost completely unregulated. States have strict rules regarding what’s sold at legal dispensaries. However, if you buy CBD outside of a dispensary, you’re unprotected. There’s no guarantee that the product will be high-quality.

The only way to get around this is to read reviews. Try to vet the company as much as you can before you buy your CBD salves.


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