CBD Topicals as Athletic Performance Boosters

Petar Petrov
Written by Petar Petrov

CBD might be headed toward becoming the go-to method for boosting athletes’ performance, with topicals possibly leading the way. Let’s take a look at how CBD, and topicals in particular, can smoothen athletes’ arduous journeys.

CBD for Stress Relief

Competition, especially at the top, can be nerve-racking, and coming on top of it is always entwined with the ability to stay composed.

With its well-documented anxiolytic properties, CBD can help athletes keep a clear mind in the months leading up to the big event, as well as immediately before it.

The Importance of Sleep for Recovery

Quality sleep is an indispensable part of anyone’s life and performance, but this is even more true for athletes. Sleep is the time during which the body recovers, and we all know that without proper recovery, even the toughest athlete could never handle and make the most of the taxing preparation for competition.

Furthermore, quality sleep is essential for the wellbeing of the mind, and contrary to what some people who’ve never done sports, the mind is almost as important to an athlete’s performance as is the body.

CBD Topicals: Muscle Relaxation, Pain Relief, and Anti-Inflammation

Again, CBD’s effects which make it a safer, more natural, and all-around better alternative to most pain medication, as well medication prescribed for stress, are well-documented and hailed, and were recently highlighted with the strong vote of confidence by the UFC which signed an 8-year partnership with Aurora Cannabis.

This is the regard in which CBD topicals can turn out to be particularly beneficial, as they can be rubbed directly on the skin in the sore muscle areas and provide almost immediate and stronger relief, as the skin is where the CB2 receptors are most abundant.

CBD Topicals = Better Skin = More Sponsors = More Funds

On a slightly different note which can affect athletes’ performance in an indirect, but still good way, CBD topicals are known for their purely cosmetic benefits to the skin which are due to their powerful anti-aging properties.

And after all, we all know that the better-looking an athlete, the better the chances of sponsorships and ad appearances, which can be a huge peace of mind for young, aspiring athletes who still haven’t reaped huge financial returns for all the hard work they’ve put in. When they don’t have their backs against the fence financially, athletes can expel all other distractions out of their minds and focus entirely on their performance.

Plus, not all sports are at the level of basketball, football, etc., in which even relatively mediocre players can earn mind-blowing paychecks.

CBD, and topicals in certain cases, seem to have all the makings of a natural, safe, efficient, and versatile aid to athletes that can help them do better in competition and recover more fully before and after they compete.


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