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What Role Can Cannabis Flavonoids Play in Skin Care?

Lisa Rennie
Written by Lisa Rennie

When it comes to cannabis in the health and wellness realm, it’s typically the cannabinoids in the plant that get the most attention; namely, CBD and THC. But cannabinoids aren’t the only rock stars in cannabis, though they certainly deserve their own time in the spotlight. The truth is, there are other goodies in the cannabis plant that also deserve some recognition for the potential role they play in promoting better health, and that includes flavonoids.

These compounds in cannabis—and other plants in nature—are what give the plant its pigmentation. And along with terpenes, they also influence cannabis’ smell and taste. But beyond this, flavonoids are also credited for providing the plant with many of its health benefits. More specifically, flavonoids—which belong to a particular group of phytonutrients called “polyphenols”—possess antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, [1] which may be effective in many areas of health, including skincare.

Flavonoids and Skin Care

Thanks to the antioxidant effect of flavonoids in the cannabis plant, these compounds may be effective at promoting healthier skin. In particular, flavonoids may be able to help reduce the look of fine wrinkles, treat the appearance of scars, repair and protect against sun damage, keep the skin caught, calm inflammation, and even treat pigmentation as a result of sun damage. [2]

The very basis of flavonoids that are meant to help protect plants from environmental stress are the very same ones that can be used on a cosmetic basis to keep skin protected from the elements as well. Some cosmetics companies have been including flavonoids in their skincare products thanks to the skin protecting properties of these plant-derived compounds.

But it’s not just traditional plants that flavonoids may be extracted from to help benefit the skin; flavonoids derived from the cannabis plant are increasingly being sought after to help promote healthier skin. The high concentrations of antioxidants in cannabis-based flavonoids can help to combat free radicals in the environment that can cause skin damage on a cellular level.

As a result, flavonoid-infused skincare products may be effective at helping to maintain better skin health.

But unfortunately, the research behind flavonoids in cannabis is hugely lacking, particularly as a result of stringent federal red tape that has made human clinical studies on cannabis difficult. But cannabis-derived flavonoids certainly show promise in the world of skincare, with new findings surrounding these compounds likely to be discovered within continued research into cannabis and its vast array of compounds.



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